Strategy, training and courses Ad Hoc.

New markets.

Link and conection between society and companies.

Regulatory legal affairs.  (claims, EFSA, FDA).

Technical & scientific unids for companies in:

-Nutrition, pharma and food companies.

-Genomic companies and labs.



Cohorts studies

Reviews, Meta-analysis

Clinical Trials

Multicentric studies

Genomic and metabolomic studies and projects



World wide trends in agrofood and biopharma

Funtional foods

Genomic and metablomic approach

ITC, Smarthcity, omics

R&D for new products. All process and launched

Clinic Nutrition & Health


Own Clinic for clinical nutrition & dietetics.

Service in collaboration with other companies and clinics: 12 centers


International collaboration with Nordbariatric from Lituania, with the prestigious Dr. Almantas Maleckas


Nutrition Service in office: Business Wellbeing. Providing patients for RCT.





Paseo de la Habana 43 

PC: 28036. Madrid (Spain)




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